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Walking Barefoot: Facts and Benefits

The term Earthing means to walk barefoot. Our body has minute spores so if you are walking barefoot, the germs, bacteria and other disinfectants can get in through them, so never forget to put on your footwear before leaving the door. Is this what you have been believing so far? Then you have gone wrong because walking on barefoot can actually be beneficial.  
Walking Barefoot

Walking on barefoot is usually considered as something the illiterates, the uncultured and the poor do. The obnoxiously orthodox people feel it that way. However, things have taken a turn now. Many researchers state that walking on barefoot makes you feel better and actually has a lot of health benefits. The health benefits are based on the relationship between our body and the electrons of the land when our foot contacts the natural surface. 

Advantages of going barefoot: 

  • Walking barefoot can reduce body pain as your foot comes in contact with the electrons of the earth.  
  • It gives you an opportunity to breathe in fresh oxygen and removes toxins in the body. 
  • It benefits skin conductivity and balances the heartbeat rate. 
  • It improves the glucose levels and reduces stress to a great extent.  
  • By improving the functioning of the internal organs, it keeps the body fit and boosts immunity. 
  • People who walk on barefoot can reduce the chances of heart diseases and also regulates the nervous system. 
  • There is a way your body responds to things happening around you. This action can be planned ones or reflexive ones. Taking a walk in nature can actually improve the stimulus of the human body, and the mind can react better to things happening around us.  
  • For all the women, walking on barefoot can give you great posture as your spine works better. It helps your body recover from all the turmoil it went through when you wore all those high-heel slip-ons and tightly packed shoes.  
  • Inducing the same inside children from a very young age will help them enjoy the benefits of nature at the earliest. It helps them stay active and healthy throughout the day. The time you allot to take a walk on the grass is much more worth than the time you spend with your gadgets and television. 

Though going barefoot can be beneficial they have to be done in the right way. Make sure you take a walk on clean surfaces. Try walking on grasslands instead of walking on rough roads with uneven surfaces. It is always believed that if you love nature, it will love you back. So take a walk on barefoot and embrace the goodness of nature.